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Promo Products



Beresford Ltd. is also a distributor for the promotional industry's top textile brands & suppliers.  Whether you're buying a set of uniforms for your team, jackets for your company or dress shirts for that upcoming trade show, we can help you find the product that best suits your needs

Small Signage

Available in numerous sizes and configurations, small signs and banners are a straightforward and cost-effective means of promotion for any business or event; a colorful and highly visable means to display your logo, outline event details or acknowledge a sponsor.

Because of the sheer volume of available product, finding the right promo item can often be an overwhelming task.  Beresford Ltd is a distributor for many of the industry's top promotional suppliers; let us help you find a product that suits both your brand & your budget

Graphic Design

Whether it's prepping or re-creating designs for printing and embroidery, developing a concept into a design or creating logos from scratch, graphic design is a significant part of our business; another service that we have offered our clientele, in-house, for over 26 years.

Screen Printing

A long time staple of the promotional industry, screen printing is a durable ink based process that allows us to apply your logo / concept to a variety of textiles and promotional items in great detail.  Our experienced staff has been delivering this service, in-house, for over 26 years.


One of the industry's most prominent methods of branding, embroidery is the process of sewing a logo / design directly to your chosen products.  Most often utilized for cresting textiles, embroidery can also be used to brand other promotional items, such as sport bags & totes.